The 7 Pillars of Advanced Medicine

Advanced Medicine consists of proven and time-tested methods. To find weak points in the body, a holistic approach is paramount.

Advanced Medicine combines traditional healing with conventional medicine. This practice includes seven basic principles of healing based on observation of health and disease, and uses modern scientific methods.”


Pillar I

The most important thing: add no damage!

Disease can be a useful process for the organism. Medical methods can support, but also produce the opposite effect. Methods that suppress symptoms without removing the underlying causes, often has harmful consequences. With our advanced medicine the doctor intends to avoid detrimental methods.


Pillar II

Find and treat the cause.

Disease does not occur without a cause. The underlying causes should be detected and removed, so that a patient can fully recover from an illness.

The symptoms are an expression of the body that it wants to heal, but these are very often not the actual cause of the disease. The causes can be manifold.

The doctor in the advanced medicine examines the underlying causes in all areas and at all levels.

He designs the treatment to focus as much as possible on the root of the causes rather than run the risk of addressing merely symptomatic expressions.



Pillar III

Heal the entire person

Health and disease are different states of the organism, which consist of complex interconnected functions involving many factors. The doctor of advanced medicine encompasses all factors and treats the patient as a whole.

Harmony in the interaction of all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are important for recovery, with full involvement of diagnosis and treatment.



Pillar IV

The doctor as a guide

The cooperative relationship between patient and physician has a high medicinal value. The doctor tells the patient in a sensitive and personal way how this goes back to the road of recovery with the help of advanced medicine and the support of the physician.


Pillar V

Prevention is the best security for your health

The ultimate goal of any health care is the prevention of diseases. The doctor also extends the reach of this treatment through the guidance of the patient’s life habits. The doctor performs a vulnerability test by analysing and assessing risk factors that come from the patient’s lifestyle or habits. The doctor points the right way with the right treatments to patients. This structure of health is better and safer than fighting disease.


Pillar VI

Use the healing power of nature

The body has its own regenerative processes to provide and also restore health. Nature heals with her own life-supporting ability.


The role of the physician is to identify those processes and eliminate the possible obstacles that pare preventing the body’s own restorative powers. Of course, there are exceptions such as in cases where the physician is in emergency situations (necessitating operations such as on bacterial infections or the likes) and must rely on the conventional medicine.



Pillar VII

Activate self-healing

The doctor encourages patients to take responsibility for their own health. He supports them while he motivates and promotes healing through their own will. The healing process employed involves the generation of symptoms that can be an expression of the strength of the body, which is in fact, to heal itself. Our treatment methods complement and support self-healing power and thus forming a synergy.