Possibilities of Advanced Medicine

The centre of the advanced medicine for individual holistic therapies

  1. Predominantly natural, biological medicine
  2. Experienced medicine – tried and tested methods
  3. Used in medicine for decades
  4. Is a feel-good medicine


What other options does “Advanced Medicine” offer?

  1. Find weak points in the body and targeted therapy sites
  2. Find and eliminate deficits and disorders
  3. Discover the complex processes of the patient-specific metabolism to capture and analyse metabolic processes
  4. Discover “obscure” diseases and determine ways of therapy


What form of support will there be from our expert team of doctors?

  1. Extensive diagnostic possibilities, going beyond the limits of conventional medicine
  2. Alternative and comprehensive care
  3. Specialization in many areas
  4. Biologically-aligned medicine
  5. Diagnosis to have complaints that have no clear description of disease


Why advanced medicine?

Despite their remarkable achievements in many fields of medicine (eg, surgery, transplantation medicine, etc.) classical medicine often exceeds their limitations with their diagnosis and treatment.

The so-called imaging diagnostics (X-ray, CT, PET, MRI, etc.) are very effective in traditional medicine, but are often overrated by the patients in their explanatory power.

Moreover, there are a number of health disorders which are very often paradoxically false diagnosed “ in traditional medicine.

For many diseases or disorders, there are no clear disease names. This is often because not only one, but several diseases may have many causes that are hard to find because of the complexity of metabolic processes.