Osteoarthritis Treatment

 The body has its own regenerative powers and can therefore heal itself

Osteoarthritis treatmentPhotodynamic laser therapy (PDT) in combination with autologous serum from the patient’s blood.


Photodynamic laser therapy (PDT) allows treatment of arthrosis. It brings pain relief, improves movement and encourages muscle growth.





Fields of application:

  1. Knee osteoarthritis
  2. Hip osteoarthritis
  3. Ankle arthritis
  4. Chronic shoulder syndrome
  5. Hallux valgus

Originally posted by scientists:


The effectiveness of immune proteins has been studied scientifically and leads to the result: The body’s immune proteins and growth factors are causal and effective.

Special extraction of natural serum from the patient’s blood:


There are growth factors in the human blood and it also contains proteins whose healing and regenerative power is used for the treatment of osteoarthritis in joints. The aim of our autologous serum injection is to use anti-inflammatory and regenerative capacities to summon pain relief and regeneration in the damaged joints.

With our new and innovative technology we can treat degenerative diseases and inflammatory processes within the shortest possible time.

A small amount of blood is taken from the patient. Using our technology and a special preparation method, we can obtain anti-inflammatory endogenous immune proteins, cytokines and growth factors in high concentration. The serum is administered in or on the affected joint.

A subsequent photodynamic laser therapy (PDT) treatment can enhance the treatment outcome.