Local Hyperthermia

local hyperthermiaThe implementation of local hyperthermia in conjunction with radiation or chemotherapy can significantly increase the chances of a cure for cancer – without a signficant risk of additional treatment or an additional burden. Our experience with over 4,500 treatments and now x-thousand-fold implementation in national and international scientific field confirm the high tolerability of this treatment method.


Therapeutic effects

  1. Thermal destruction of the tumor cells
  2. Poisoning of the malignant tissue
  3. Inhibition of repair mechanism of malignant tissue
  4. Potentiation of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  5. Stimulation of the immune system




  1. Non – invasive treatment
  2. Automatic tumor focus
  3. Painless and without side effects
  4. Improvie quality of life



  1. Gynecologic malignancies (breast, pancreas, etc.)
  2. Malignant tumors in organs
  3. Deep-seated tumor lesions (brain, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, etc.)
  4. Lymph node metastasis
  5. Gastro – intestinal tumors (esophagus, colon, etc.)
  6. Sarcoma , melanoma , basal cell carcinoma