Hyperthermia Of The Prostate

hyperthermia of the prostate

In local hyperthermia of the prostate, only this area is made warm locally. The treatment of prostate hyperthermia is suitable for prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Through a catheter which is guided via the urethra to the urinary bladder, an energy field is built up in the prostate.

Through the catheter set, electric waves are transmitted into the prostate tissue, releasing heat and energy. Overheating leads to oxygen deficiency in the tumor, so that there is an excess of acidity and thus correcting the metabolic disorder within the cells. Thereby characterized, it induces programmed cell death (apoptosis). In general, the prostate hyperthermia is well tolerated. Specific medications or anesthesia are not necessary.





Therapeutic effects


  • Thermal destruction of tumor cells
  • Poisoning of the malignant tissue
  • Inhibition of repair mechanism of the malignant tissue
  • Potentiation of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Stimulating the immune system


Do you have prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia?


We have a number of treatment options that are customized to your situation . The correct choice of therapy depends on the stage of prostate disease .

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