Gentle Eye Acupuncture

Diseases can be cured without side effects

gentle eye acupunture

Thanks to the eye acupuncture from traditional Chinese medicine and the field of holistic medicine the eye can be stimulated with targeted pinprick regions, and be cured in this way. Acute conjunctivitis, retinitis, retinal changes, macular degeneration, inflammation of the iris or dry eye can be very much improved.

Other eye diseases that cannot be treated with healing through the eye needle acupuncture, the spreading of the symptoms may be slowed.

There are no needles placed in the eye, only at certain regions of the hand, knee, foot and head. The eye acupuncture treatment takes about 30 minutes.

In certain orbits or the meridians, fine acupuncture needles are placed at the accumulated energy blockages because free-flowing energies can maintain balance in the body’s functions.

The number of eye acupuncture treatments depend on the disease being treated and its present condition. Acute disease pathologies often need several acupuncture treatments.

Chronic diseases such as macular degeneration will require more sessions.