The basis of any recovery

Detoxification is the basis of any recovery to preserve or restore your health. Through countless reasons our bodies can store toxins that can block our metabolic processes. Through a detoxification, healthy biochemical processes can be reactivated in the body so that freedom from diseases or recovery will result.

Detoxification takes place in the liver / gall bladder, kidneys, lymph system, skin, or via the intestines. The intestines are the largest organ of detoxification.

A disturbance in bowel function has a fatal effect on the immune system and can thus cause autoimmune diseases, food-intolerances and many other symptoms. In addition, the adrenals are stressed and weakened resulting in lack of energy throughout the body.

In medical experience almost all chronic diseases and inflammation or tumor formation can be traced to slagging in the connective tissue. The only thing that can help is a specific detoxification.

We at the center of the extended medicine in Frankfurt offer many possible methods of detoxification that are precisely tailored to you and will contribute to your recovery.

In addition to many special infusions to support organ function with respect to the detoxification, we offer colon hydrotherapy – a gentle colon cleansing the basis of detoxification.

Colon hydrotherapy is particularly suitable for infections rheumatism, eczema, acne, migraines, allergies, skin problems, bloating as well as depression and lack of energy; and for cancer to rid the body of stress. Detoxification by colon hydrotherapy and accompanying special treatments can relieve many chronic ailments and help your body to clean and self-heal.