Artesunate is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the mugwort or wormwood plant (lat. Artemisiaannua). We have gained control and managed the unpleasant side effects of its application so it can be safely applied on the patient. Artesunate is effective against all types of tumors.

Current research at the University of Heidelberg has shown positive results. A reduction in tumor size was confirmed in the field of cancer treatment by Artesunsate in breast cancer cells. Compared to healthy intact cells, Artesunate showed results only in the cancer cells. The mechanism of action for Artesunsate on the cancer cells involves an increased iron content in the cells.

Cancer cells require iron for their permanent cell division and have a corresponding number of receptors for increased iron absorption. It should, however be essential to avoid taking iron or even iron infusions because iron can strongly stimulate tumor growth. The alleged lack of iron in the blood is often a failure distribution, since the iron is mostly localized in the tumor cells or the sites of inflammation. On other blood assessments we can study this mechanism and decide whether Artesunate is the appropriate treatment for our patients.

Artesunate builds iron into toxic oxygen radicals that destroy (poison) the cancer cells. Artesunate also has other impact on the growth of cancerous tumors. It prevents the formation of new blood vessels, thereby affecting the energy supply to the cancer cells and thus prevent the tumor forming new metastases.