About us

The GMC practice in the center of the Advanced Medical Clinic in Frankfurt specializes in holistic integrative medicine.

For over 35 years, we combine effective alternative biological treatments in advanced medicine and natural healing with methods of conventional medicine. This method of healing, which brings together proven experiential medicine and modern scientific medicine is our model of holistic medicine.

The latest technology integrated with scientifically proven complementary medicine offers promising individualized and holistic treatments. These treatments have the potential to achieve amazing results.

Our objectives are to strengthen your immune system against diseases and keep side effects from toxic therapies low to increase your chances of healing for an improved quality of life and extended life span.

Together with you, we combine the best properties of various holistic therapies and design a treatment plan tailored specially for you – according to your needs.

As the German Center for alternative cancer treatments, biological cancer therapy is, to us, central.

At our department of biological cancer therapy, we implement a personalized combination of useful and suitable alternative cancer therapy treatments. There are several forms of hyperthermia, local and full-body hyperthermia and fever therapy, combined with other alternative cancer therapies specially tailored for our patients in a personalized treatment plan. With various types of hyperthermia available, our Frankfurt practice is one of the largest providers of hyperthermia therapy in Germany.

As a holistic therapy concept involving body, mind and spirit, these biological alternative cancer therapies are complemented by a personalized nutrition, stimulation of self-healing, immune activation and mental training.

In our department of chronic diseases, we use the healing powers of nature and of the body, in which we support them by hyperthermia, fever, detoxification and deacidification. To do so, we use an accurate diagnosis obtained by analysing patient vulnerabilities which are proven to be useful in designing a personalised therapy.

Holistic therapy is our sole objective in our Center of advanced medicine: your comprehensive individual health.