About New Cancer Treatments

You are on the right path- the goal of GMC is to provide you with the best personalized and result-oriented treatments using modern examination and diagnostic methods. Based on analysis from our laboratory findings, we can design the most effective individualized treatments that cause the least amount of side-effects for you.

In GMC, you have the option of doing an individualized chemo-sensitivity test prior to treatment. This will provide the necessary information to determine the most effective chemo-agent or the best biological cancer-medication suitable for you. In addition, ineffective medication can be identified and excluded from the treatment. The chemo-sensitivity test had been until now not widely available. Reason being that tumor tissue is required for the test and other hospitals and clinics are unable to guarantee crucial clinical conditions for that.

Throughout the cancer-therapy, we control the efficacy of the treatments using solid laboratory analysis therefore ensuring the individual patient receives the most suitable therapy for him or her.

We are a very experienced team of specialists within the following fields of expertise

  1. Hyperthermia
  2. IPT (Insulin potentiated therapy)
  3. PDT (Photodynamic Lasertherapy)
  4. Galvanotherapy

We support our therapies with various infusions, which are in part designed by Dr. med. Siebenhuener himself. Using laboratory analyses, we can identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a person’s body and directly apply these with targeted infusions.