The German Medical Center in Frankfurt specializes in holistic integrative medicine

Welcome to the German Medical Center

For over 35 years, we have been combining methods of conventional medicine with effective alternative biological therapies of advanced medicine and naturopathy, and the latest technology integrated with scientifically proven complementary medical approaches that offer promising new therapeutic solutions.

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Our Focus

We warmly welcome you to our private practice, a medical clinic in the heart of Frankfurt with an experienced and friendly team of medical professionals. In our practice, we have a pleasant and friendly atmosphere with a pleasant color scheme that complements you as you go on your journey to recovery.


Our specialised treatments are aimed at curbing cancer, preventing its spread and encouraging favorable conditions to a complete cure. In our Advanced Medicine, we combine traditional and complementary therapies as an exclusive new cancer treatment.



Chronic diseases

With our proven and time-tested methods, we open up new possibilities of holistic treatment for chronic illnesses. We consider complex mechanisms of action and the relationship of disease. This allows us to not only cure the symptoms but treat the cause of a chronic disease.




Marked effectiveness is achieved through hyperthermia when used in combination with the “classical” forms of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This combination of therapies increases its efficacy, making healing more likely – demonstrating the synergistic effect of hyperthermia.


Metabolic disorders induce degenerative processes. The body loses vital energy, which it desperately needs for defense and the healing process. To attain and maintain health, you should know your personal strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise lasting stress can lead to disease and considerably affect vitality and zest for life.

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Our Team

The object of our team is to serve our patient – you - in our special medical practice in the best possible condition and in a pleasant environment. A competent, highly motivated team will be at hand to help you achieve your treatment goals. With advanced technology and proven alternative therapy concepts, we strive for medical success for our patients’ benefits. Through a strong and trusted cooperation, we work with the University Hospital of Frankfurt and other relevant clinics and doctors from various disciplines.


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